Finding the best Whistler vacation rental from our 100’s of places is easy using video, 3D tours or VR.
Experience the place BEFORE YOU ARRIVE.

How Are We Different?

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About Us

For the 30+ years I’ve been riding chairs and gondolas in Whistler, one story kept getting under my skin every time I heard it.

Every time I heard a variation of “I love this town, I love the mountains, but I hate my vacation rental.” or heard a couple battle about “their disappointing vacation rental,” it made me cringe. At the same time, it made me want to create a way to change a pain point of someone’s vacation into a highlight.

With the arrival of Covid, I decided the time was right to use the technology I use as one of the top realtors in Whistler to showcase properties to buyers from around the world to create a new way for visitors to Whistler to find and book vacation rentals while avoiding those pain points.

My personal pain point was I hated how much clicking and jumping from site to site I had to do to find the perfect place whenever my friends asked me for a recommendation. I knew there had to be a better way than looking at photos and trying to imagine what a place was really like and hoping you weren’t wrong.

My solution was to use my local knowledge to create 100’s of highlight videos, 3D virtual tours, and VR tours of awesome Whistler vacation rentals. Using 3D or VR, you can “come to Whistler,” walk around your favorite properties and experience the level of luxury, interior design, the size, layout, view, EVERYTHING about every one of our 100’s of places – as if you’re actually here. BEFORE YOU ARRIVE.

My goal for “This Place Is Awesome!” is to have you experience deja-vu as you walk in the door to your rental while saying “This Place IS Awesome!

It’s the best way to start your trip.

Ken Achenbach
Member of the Snowboard Hall of Fame
Certified International Property Specialist
Real Estate Advisor

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